How to wear leggings at work?

This is one of things I did well as a teacher. Since I am a "gym rat," I went to the gym six days a week (still do).  As a teacher that was quite a challenge during the work week (Pre-Covid), since I often worked late in the school building.

My favorite wear was, you guessed correctly...leggings. Well, I wore long sweaters, jackets, t-shirts. long shirts and so on which made me look cute and business like at the same time.

I also wore flats which pulled the look together, and sometimes, depending on the weather and my mood, I wore boots.

If you love going out with friends after work,  you can pair your leggings with heels and a matching silk blouse.

Additionally, if you're attending an event with your special someone, you can add accessories along with a beautiful blouse or shirt of your choice and killer perfume!

The possibilities are numerous.

Leggings can be worn on many occasions with the right top, accessories and attitude...and that pocket book.

Wear your individuality without compromise.