.                        Kstylz LLC

Everyone has a story. As we live our everyday lives, we come across something that we didn’t know before. We come across good and bad situations. As a means of staying positive, we enjoy creating looks that meet our standards of beauty, quality and fine aesthetics. Each item needs to bring us pleasure and be practical in function, comfort, or use. Each needs to have a long lasting value. With heart and soul, conveying abundance and beauty, and with a purpose rooted in bringing beauty to the world, we bring our best to you, and if you are looking for something special we got it.
Kathleen is the personification and purpose behind everything we do! Kathleen is a mom, outdoorswoman, artist, world traveler, ex- teacher and loves creating beautiful products that delight the consumer. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago with a contractor dad and designing mom, Kathleen spent her childhood surrounded by art and learning about design aesthetics. Her early years were spent in Trinidad with her grandparents and siblings. Her mother moved to the United States. Having witnessed the ugly side of life since an early age, Kathleen was determined not to stay in that space and since founding Jkfstylez, she has determined in her heart to bring joy into the world as much as she can. One of her major goals is to help the poor people in her homeland. Currently, she contributes to Compassion, and Feed the Hungry, organizations that help poor children worldwide.
Olatunde, Kathleen’s son, is a technology genius. Still finding his way in life and creating. He is known as a powerful force in giving good advice to anyone in his sphere of influence. Olatunde’s other passions are sports, travel, the gym and being engaged (lol), all of which are well represented in Jkfstylez.
Working hard behind the scenes, we are a small but mighty team of highly dedicated people; each of us going above and beyond each day to create great products for our customers and treating each sale with care. The definition of dedication!
We strive to bring you an exciting, eclectic mix of hand-selected treasures that will give you joy, fuel your adventure, awaken your palette and surround you and your loved ones with style and grace. Jkfstylez is a family run business that integrates the goals of integrity and aesthetics into everything that we do. With this goal in mind, we seek to create and source products that have been produced ethically and conscientiously and humanely.