Kstylz LLC

  • Untitled Poem
  • strife struggles between them
  • a living entity
  • filled with enmity
  • the two energy entangled in debate
  • for mortal sovereignty
  • victory being the end result
  • who will win?
  • like two vicious dogs circling the enemy
  • they tear into each other shredding their pride and dignity
  • who will win?
  • empty of love their tongues mate in bitter volley
  • wounding severely
  • who will win?
  • rhetoric filled with venom
  • running like poison through dying veins
  • destination supremacy
  • they contend without ceasing
  • copyright (C)2003
We love creating and coming up with beautiful and attractive merchandise.
Kathleen was born in Trinidad and Tobago with a contractor dad and designing mom; she is a writer, an artist, a chaplain, a minister and a retired teacher.
She has the following degrees
  1. Administration and Supervision
  2.  Bachelor of Arts,
  3.  Master of Fine Arts
  4.  Theology.
In addition, she contributes to Compassion, and Feed the Hungry, organizations that help poor children worldwide.
Olatunde, Kathleen’s son, is an IT specialist.
Our mission is to express thoughts and ideas that others are thinking but are too afraid to express, and to let people know that it's okay to be judged.